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Vocal and Instrumental Groups

There are several vocal and/or instrumental groups within the Music Club.

Acoustic Instrument Group

Open to club members who play any sort of acoustic instrument - including but not limited to guitar, banjo, mandolin, string bass, harmonica, ukulele and drum (and to those who just want to come and sing along). The format is a very informal jam session with song selection moving from player to player. Attendees are encouraged to bring several songs for the group to play - words and chords are appreciated. This is a no pressure setting - attendees are not required to do anything - and in fact do not have to play an instrument in order to attend as singing along is a big part of the experience. For more information, please contact David Durham at (970) 216-8279 or


Desert Divas

A fun-loving and talented group of women, performing music arranged specially for women with three and four part harmony. They put on two performances each year: one holiday concert and another in spring. If you’ve wanted to enhance your musical talent come join us. We have women of all abilities and voices. For more information, please contact Eileen Tellefson at


Gospel Singers

Meet once a month November through March to perform familiar Gospel songs as a community service. We rehearse for an hour, have a potluck lunch, and then go to different senior residences to perform. It is so gratifying and uplifting seeing the joy that we bring to their residents. We are looking for new members to join us. Contact Darlene Goemer at (734) 673-2235 or Judy Hamer at (623) 544-6352 for more information.

Grand Singers

A chorus of over 140 volunteer singers. They rehearse once a week from September to April. They put on two shows each year: one in the spring and a Christmas show in early December. For more information, please contact Donna Mills at (623) 556-1005.

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For the 2021 Holiday Concert
For the 2021 Holiday Concert

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Grand Chorale

An auditioned group of about 32 singers taken from the ranks of the Grand Singers. The Chorale performs a few songs at each of the Grand Singers' shows. For more information, please contact Donna Mills at (623) 556-1005.

Jukebox Junkies

Sing songs from an era when popular songs were played on the Jukebox -- primarily from the 50's and 60's. They sing all types of music from that musical period, with heavy emphasis on vocal harmony. Many of their songs were sung by vocal groups such as the Beach Boys, The Lettermen, Four Lads and more. Their music is live and lively. Please contact Marv Myhre at (623) 975-2701 for more information.

Kingston Konnection

One of the first groups in the Music Club’s history, the Kingston Konnection sang in the very first Celebration of Music in 2002. This trio sings popular songs primarily from the 50’s and 60’s -- folk, rock, and country -- live and always lively, with an emphasis on vocal harmony. In addition to performing for various local SCG community events, the Kingston Konnection spends a good deal of time singing for charitable organizations and events. For more information, please contact Donna Mills at (623) 556-1005.

Piano Connection

A fun gathering of members who share a love of the piano. Pianists as well as singers come together monthly, October through May, in a relaxed setting at a member's home to play, sing or just listen to the music. It is a comfortable way to get over stage fright or test out a piece of music you plan to use in a show. It is informal and impromptu and all are welcome. Refreshments follow the music. Please contact Barbara McCormack at (623) 374-4533.